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Next Steps

Now the challenge begins! You can log into your account at with the same username and password that you set when you applied. You’ll land on your personal workshop page. Please use the pull-down menu on the top right to edit your profile. You can load a profile picture, tell everyone in the workshop a little bit about yourself, and provide other social media links as you’d like.

The page will have a button that links to the next scheduled Zoom workshop meeting, updated automatically. You’ll also have a link to the Slack Workspace. You might take some time to familiarize yourself with using Zoom and Slack for collaborative communication, if you haven’t used the platforms before.

You can view Zoom tutorials at this link:

You can find Slack guides here:

We will work in small teams of 4-6 people, which will change from week to week so that you’ll have a chance to connect personally with everyone in the workshop. I will be sending out the first set of teams and prompts for our first week projects via the Slack Workshop, starting on Monday, 4 June, in the #Administration channel. Our first Zoom meeting will be Tuesday, 5 June, starting at 6 pm Bangkok time, and lasting until 9 pm. It will be intense, focused…but just as muscles get stronger when we stress them, we will improve ourselves with pressure to perform for ourselves and for each other! Inspire. Empower. Change!